David McGrath Photo

David McGrath.

Group Head of Marketing

david.mcgrath@jerseypost.com +44 1534 616621

I am responsible for planning and executing marketing communications strategy for Vaiie and all global businesses across the Jersey Post Group.

David's strengths

Communication strategy

Business development

Product launches


I’ve been a marketing and communications practitioner for over 15 years, and have developed a strong visual sense, excellent writing skills and the ability to translate marketing ideas and design concepts to strategies that effectively reinforce and build brands.

Life altering tech event

Active Noise Cancelling headphones – these have made business travel complete bliss!

Most interesting watch of the year

BBC Panorama interview with the Duke of York. How PR can go so wrong!

Myers Briggs type

The Champion ENFP

Resists being controlled

Able to relate with others


Generational leadership traits

Baby Bust Gen X


Social adaptability


Gen X produces 35% of the UK workforce

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