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Garry Evans.

Lead Technical Designer +44 1534 616769

I lead the Hybrid Mail and print-based Customer Communication Management services, working with customers to provide an efficient communication channel for their reactive or ongoing print campaigns. I also provide front line support for our daily production.

Garry's strengths

Attention to detail




I’ve been with the Jersey Post Group for almost 20 years. I started as a supervisor of 50 staff within Logistics and assuming responsibility for the daily print operation that saw over half a million dispatch notes produced a year. I moved to Promail in 2006 to manage the print room and later develop on the Unix environment (an early form of ‘command line applications’ and bash programming), which automated the end-to-end daily processing of customer communications management (CCM) print jobs. Hybrid Mail and Print Campaign Management became my main role over time, as the services became popular with our financial services and utility businesses, with responsibilities for Print Scheduling, Pricing, Document Design, Data processing and Customer Communication.

Life altering tech event

The release of the Raspberry Pi – Gave me the opportunity to further my skills in coding while making it interesting with the introduction of electronics & robotics all on a £35 board!

Most interesting watch of the year

"Bohemian Rhapsody" - This was the best movie I've watched for a long time.

Myers Briggs type

The Supervisor ESTJ

Excellent people skills

Likes to see immediate results

Attracted to adventure

Generational leadership traits

Millennial Gen Y


Emotional stability

Intellectual curiosity

Gen Y produces 29% of the UK workforce

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