Matthew Bain Photo

Matthew Bain.

Business Development Manager (Guernsey) +44 1534 616633

I am based in St Peter Port and am responsible for business development activities in Guernsey, as well as understanding client requirements, delivering solutions that provide high levels of operational efficiency and assurance primarily within the utility and regulated sectors.

Matthew's strengths

Strong communicator

Energy levels



I am a professional with a keen interest in working with clients, striving to build rapport which enables me to fully understand their requirements.

Life-altering tech event

As much as I miss using 35mm film, buying my first digital camera. Being able to see the results right away and know if I was happy with the photo or not.

Most interesting read of the year

"Blue Mind" by Wallace J. Nichols. Really interesting read about why humans are drawn to the ocean (or bodies of water) and the benefits involved with being near, in, on or under water.

Myers Briggs type

The Champion ENFP

Enjoys being around people

Future-oriented and focused on long term goals

Able to feel and think as others do

Generational leadership traits

Millennial Gen Y


Emotional stability

Intellectual curiosity

Gen Y produces 29% of the UK workforce

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