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Nigel Grundy.

Production & Client Support +44 1534 616721

I am responsible for production management, both for our Customer Communications Management and Hybrid Mail services, and maintaining close coordination with our production suppliers. I am also finance coordinator and cost manager and work closely with Jersey Post Group Finance Department.

Nigel's strengths



Industry experience


Originally a graphic designer (far too many years ago than I’d care to admit), I am a well-seasoned advertising, print production and marketing professional with much diverse and overlapping industry experience, including five years in international finance. I also have general administration and business development skills that have adeptly transferred to the digital communications industry.

Life altering tech event

The Wireless

Most interesting read of the year

Donald Trump tweets

Myers Briggs type

The Inspector ISTJ

Physically and mentally organized

Excellent planning skills

Calm and clear-headed during tense situations

Generational leadership traits

Baby Boomer Gen B



Social confidence

Gen B produces 33% of the UK workforce

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