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Reuben Rushton-Taylor.

Technical Developer +44 1534 616755

I develop process automation workflows for multiple connecting applications/systems. I also assist with turning raw data into digital or print documents. I create and develop management information dashboards to support client relationships.

Reuben's strengths

Technical ability

Analytical eyes



From personal interests and projects involving technical development, and experience as a SMB network manager and security consultant, I have built up a good level of practical experience in using a variety of modern programming languages as well as integrating logic in to finance systems.

Life altering tech event

Starting using my first laptop; 2007 MacBook core 2 duo. This kicked off my journey into a highly technical life.

Most interesting watch of the year

"The Office" - It had taken far too many years to start watching this show, but I’ve finally done it.

Myers Briggs type

The Mastermind INTJ

Supreme strategist

Strong insights and intuitions


Generational leadership traits

iGeneration Gen Z

Liking for stress



Gen Z produces 4% of the UK workforce

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