Robyn Pestana Photo

Robyn Pestana.

Group Business Partner, Human Resources +44 1534 616538

I work with Vaiie management in the recruiting of new employees, assisting with the development of job descriptions, ensuring all electronic and paper records are kept and maintained, communicating information to all levels of staff and analysing training needs.

Robyn's strengths





Throughout my Health & Social Care course, I gained varied and different skills that have helped me in Human Resources, including strong communication, confidence and organisational skills in both practical and written work.

Life altering tech event

When I got my first pink Motorola when I was younger

Most interesting watch of the year

YOU (TV programme)

Myers Briggs type

The Inspector ISTJ

Calm and clear-headed during tense situations

Serious and committed in relationships

Well-respected in the community

Generational leadership traits

iGeneration Gen Z

Liking for stress



Gen Z produces 4% of the UK workforce

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