Sarah Angell Photo

Sarah Angell.

Group Change Management Assistant +44 1534 616694

I assist on multiple projects within the wider Jersey Post Group, however, most of my focus at the moment is on my projects within the digital arm.

Sarah's strengths

Attention to detail




I joined the Jersey Post Group through an internship with Vaiie and the Marketing department, and completed multiple courses in Project Management and Digital Marketing, before moving to the Change Management Office.

Life altering tech event

I remember starting the new school year and being very excited to receive my first phone, a Motorola RAZR which was handed down from my older sister.

Most interesting show of the year

"Our Planet" - The David Attenborough documentary

Myers Briggs type

The Visionary ENTP

Creative and smart

Not afraid to question everything

Able to juggle different tasks simultaneously

Generational leadership traits

iGeneration Gen Z

Liking for stress



Gen Z produces 4% of the UK workforce

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