Victor Lindsey Photo

Victor Lindsey.

Data Services Manager +44 1534 616770

I manage the various digital processes that our clients depend on.

Victor's strengths


Analytical nature

Technical ability


Over many years of working at the forefront of technology, I have ingrained principles of support and issue resolution to develop and enhance our services. I have a broad range of technical experience and skills. My creative nature complements my analytical skills enabling me to devise new ways of working and problem solving.

Life altering tech event

Using the Victor Sirius

Most interesting show of the year

"Our Planet" - the David Attenborough documentary

Myers Briggs type

The Commander ENTJ

Lives in a world of possibilities

Sees challenges as great opportunities to push himself

Logical and thoughtful before taking action

Generational leadership traits

Baby Boomer Gen B



Social confidence

Gen B produces 33% of the UK workforce

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