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Your organisational requirements delivered

In a rapidly changing business environment, it is natural that off-the-shelf products may not fit every organisation. Our bespoke development solutions are designed to work alongside your existing business processes and support your growth in the areas of customer communication systems, business logic implementation and enterprise portal development.

Designed to suit your needs

Every business is unique and so a custom solution is often needed. We ensure our bespoke software meets your goals accurately, driving up efficiency and addressing the challenges your company faces.

As your business grows and old software no longer meets your needs, why get locked into an expensive cycle of having to deploy new solutions every few years? Our bespoke software is scalable and grows with your business.

Automate core processes.

Achieve greater efficiency.

Support your growth strategy.

Gain greater control.

Full cycle approach

Through bespoke development, we aim to assist you in your digital transformation goals and achieve greater efficiency through well-integrated, smartly designed systems. Managing critical business processes such as communication with customers, manipulating complex data feeds or developing sophisticated databases can only be aided by a full cycle approach, covering all aspects of your solution.

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Analysis and design

Our team of analysts work with you to understand your needs, know-how and develop an understanding of your goals and objectives. We arrange a workshop to scope out your requirements, analyse your current processes and design a framework on which we base our project, timeline and build.

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Project management

It may seem daunting at first to try to implement a new solution especially if your current processes are supported by legacy systems and/or rely on siloed data sources. No matter the size or nature of the project, we have a dedicated project management team working with our developers to ensure any solution is developed on time and kept on track at all times.

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Our in-house team of developers specialise in automating internal and external communications, developing complex business logic behind data and implementing enterprise portals for easy collaboration. Priding ourselves in establishing a global partnership network, we leverage our technology partners and have access to dedicated development teams, specialising in both front-end and back-end development.

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We offer continued support after implementation, ensuring your systems are always kept up to date. Due to the rapidly changing business environment, any additional integrations and improvements are delivered as soon as they are available. Not only do we have a support team at hand, but you will also have a dedicated client.

"...Vaiie can help lots of businesses."

"Everybody is struggling with digital offerings that are available out there. To have a business you can go to, trust and get support from is a game changer. Vaiie can help lots of businesses."

– Tony Brassel, General Manager & Business Advisor at Start Up Guernsey

Discover how Vaiie can help you to develop best in class software solutions

We listen to your needs to help you to discover the art of the possible, using new technologies and digital processes.

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