Communications Management.


Next-level channel management and distribution

Outsourcing the production and distribution of large-quantity communications to us will save you time and money, and provide additional insights. Working with your client data, we create personalised finished documents ready for traditional mail or digital-first delivery via email, SMS or secure portals for a true omni-channel approach.

Consistency of message

In today’s industry, consumers are bombarded with information minute-by-minute. Organisations must be consistent with their message, tone and appearance across every channel.

Client communications, such as bills, statements, claims, policies documents and contracts, can operate in internal silos and suffer from efficiency flaws caused by legacy systems. Unfortunately, this leads to inconsistencies in branding and an unnecessary reliance on wider teams, such as IT, Marketing and Operations to distribute.

Our reporting and analysis methods make identifying individual receipt of communications easy and will help optimise your business practices.

Achieve an omni-channel experience.

Track, manage and report on each channel, easily.

Increase call to action time.

Reduce debtor’s time lapsed.

Offer your clients
their channel of choice

The way clients consume their communications is constantly changing, but print as a channel is still a popular choice for many and must be maintained and developed to deliver effectiveness.

An internal problem often arises when organisations try to cater to the shift of clients’ needs as well as increase the variety of channels they send communications via. It is normal, therefore, for organisations to acquire additional systems to cope with the demand, however, adopting systems that are designed to support only electronic delivery is simply less valuable than ones that can enable true multi-channel preference management.

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Omni-channel experience

App, SMS, Email and Client Portal are some of the channels that clients now expect to receive information from you on. We work with industry-leading providers in the Telecommunications and Banking sectors to understand the complex nature of connecting them in real time and managing your message consistently across multiple channels to achieve a true omni-channel experience for the client and a single, centralised provider for you.

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New technology

Our technology and years of experience ensure that our Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform is future proof and we evolve our processes as much as communication requirements do. We help you migrate to a single platform that supports all of your communications no matter the channel or volume.

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Experienced data handlers

Our development team and migration specialists have decades of experience in safely processing and migrating client data ensuring your organisation and client information is always safe and secure. Our established procedures and data centres fulfil the most rigorous audit requirements for leading global brands across the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors.

Helping you stay compliant

An increasing challenge for many organisations is an ever-changing regulatory landscape and ensuring that your client’s data and your processes are always compliant. We work with you to ensure we optimise your workflow to a maximum standard and use business processes automation to ensure efficiency and consistency.

Discover how Vaiie can help you to transform and enhance your communications

We listen to your needs to help you to discover the art of the possible, using new technologies and digital processes.

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Connecting communication capabilities with best in class distribution channels

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