Hybrid Mail.


More efficient personalised mail campaigns

Our on-demand data-to-mail solution blends digital precision with traditional postal distribution. Taking your raw data, we apply complex logic and composition to produce highly-personalised hybrid mail communications.

Highly personalised customer communications

We create personalised documents for organisations allowing them to communicate with their customers through mail-based distribution channels more efficiently and cost effectively.

We design one-off or recurring bespoke branded documents, or we replicate your existing templates, then merge your customer’s data to produce personalised files ready for print.

Our portal allows you to transfer data to Vaiie easily and securely to allow us to mine and manipulate the data to meet your exact requirements for your bespoke printed design, ready for delivery by our postal operator at a low business postage rate.

In-house document designers.

Experienced and secure data management.

Mail tracking and campaign reporting.

Low business postage rates.

Lower costs and greater efficiency

Today, many organisations manage and package large quantities of printed documents in-house. This usually requires a number of processes, people and equipment and equipment, all of which incur extra operational costs. In most cases, the actual costs of printing and posting is significantly higher due to the lack of economies of scale – we can change that.

By working with our postal provider, we guarantee you the best rates to reach your customers and ensure that your campaign is as cost effective as possible. Our team works with you from data receipt to doormat delivery, making sure that you are informed at each stage of the campaign including creating and design, proofreading, delivery and reporting.

We pride ourselves in being customer centric in all that we do and we know how important it is to keep you at the centre of our attention, which is why you receive a dedicated support contact who will be with you every step of the way.

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Simply supply us with your data and visual assets and our design team will produce personalised finished documents. You can also send us your customer database and the finished document, which we merge for you and automatically envelope and send at a significantly lower rate than doing so by yourself.

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Once received any customer data is compressed for functional processing and encrypted to ensure highest security. Our servers and processes are regularly audited and comply with the standards of major banks who we manage mandatory communications for.

Photo from the Vaiie digital studio

Design and production

Once ready to process, our team of developers can decrypt the data for further processing. Once your Hybrid Mail campaign is designed and finalised, it is sent to you for approval, ensuring you are happy with the final communications.

Photo of a printing machine operator moving personalised documents to be trimmed before delivery

Print and distribution

Once approved your finished campaign is sent to our mailing house where we individually print and envelope your campaign and directly passed on to our postal partner who will directly distribute it to your customer data base.

Discover how Vaiie can help you to transform and enhance your communications

We listen to your needs to help you to discover the art of the possible, using new technologies and digital processes.

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Connecting communication capabilities with best in class distribution

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