Digital Vault.

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Share data in real-time

Digital Vault provides organisations with a super light-weight and secure custom-branded online document storage solution. Enabling complete management and delivery of documents 24/7 to users on any device. Flexible configuration and ready to roll out in days, our Digital Vault will enhance communication and user experience, saving time and money.

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Secure online document storage

The Digital Vault performs all the functions expected from a classic data room. In addition to the secure data storage and exchange, it ensures smooth collaboration within your company, with the tools offered simplifying communication between internal and external parties.

Known for it’s global scalability and flexibility by our clients, it can include add-on features such as 2 factor verification which provides an extra level of security by requesting an SMS code to log in.

Reduce your storage space and costs.

Enhanced security and better control.

Fast retrieval of documents.

Full audit trail and version control.

Branded client and employee portals

Give your clients and employees a secure, easy and professional way to collaborate in a locally hosted cloud, with your own branding and business domain to maintain consistency in your brand and improve the user journey. The Digital Vault streamlines your everyday tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity - saving you time and money.

  • Custom branding
    Ensure your company image is consistent across all of your applications.
  • Tailored access
    Set user permissions for all of your users including clients, employees and admins - ensuring full control.
  • SMS notifications
    Get notified every time a document is uploaded, ensuring a fast document workflow.
  • Digital signature
    Complete approvals and agreements in minutes and send them with your authorised DocuSign signature to multiple parties.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any place
    Authorised individuals  can securely access and manage  documents online.
  • Full audit trail
    Record a documents’ every step, prove the validity of information and improve record keeping requirement.
  • Local hosting
    All of your data is hosted locally in the Channel Islands and complies with GDPR.
  • Industry leading security
    All of our technology offers encrypted access via a secure server with optional 2 factor authentication

Upgrade your business today

By implementing one of our enterprise portals, you’re upgrading your B2B and B2C correspondence, streamlining operations and reducing costs. We are ready to take you on your digital transformation journey by working with you on your portal development and implementation.

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