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Seamless transition into the digital world

No matter the size or sector, our document digitisation solutions offers flexibility including digitising your archives by scanning your current documents in-house, or outsourcing the whole process to us.

Go paperless, become more efficient

As well as being costly to maintain, paper archives impact productivity by making documents hard to find and share. Our end-to-end offering will help you digitise your documents and allow you to search, access, retrieve and distribute the required information digitally and more efficiently.

Our team covers you in all areas of document digitisation including indexing, file conversion using OCR, ICR and OMR, workflow management and enterprise portal implementation, helping you improve your organisation's efficiency and output.

We have over 20 years of experience in handling confidential data whilst providing full auditable capabilities, tracking and secure transportation, and dedicated on-island servers for our document management systems.

Automate document workflows.

Access data any time, any place.

Reduce paper storage costs.

Strengthen security.

A simple process for a simple problem

In today’s digital world you’re dealing with more documents than ever and it may seem overwhelming to tackle the burden caused by paper storage. Not only is it important to digitise your current archives but ensure you have the digital processes in place to eliminate any future archives from re-occurring.

With our team of professionals, we have developed a simple process to help you get off the ground with minimum input from you.

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Digital capture

Once the source of the information has been scoped, we proceed with using our state-of-the art scanning technology to turn your documents into digital copies in any format, ready for data extraction if needed.

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Paper document

Starting from identifying your source of information, we scope the size, quantity, document format and confidentiality requirements to determine whether the work will be done in-house or outsourced to us by arranging secure collection and delivery to/from your premises.

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Our specialised technology is then used to recognise and process workflows based on your requirements. This allows us to apply OCR and develop business logic which automates the sorting and categorising of the digitised archive to ensure consistency between your legacy paper system and your digital version.

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Our Enterprise Portals allow you to access, edit, send and share data stored locally or as a SaaS solution in a safe, encrypted environment. We provide a fully customisable service, maintaining your brand and easy to use interface for clear control.

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Contact us for a quote and you will be surprised as to how fast and cost effectively we can digitise your archive.

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