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Secure and streamline your transactional deals

Using a secure corporate branded data room is the best way to support and streamline the due diligence process for all your deals, from tenders to legal transactions and audits.

Share and protect confidential documents for all your deals

When dealing with mergers and acquisitions, tenders and strategic negotiations the use of a secure data room is the best way to support and consolidate the due diligence process for complex financial transactions.

In partnership with Safelink, a local digital platform provider, we offer a customised SaaS solution, a secure cloud-based online deal room with enhanced security and governance capabilities on Island, offering you a straightforward setup and unparalleled accessibility.

With flexible hosting in multiple datacentres, including both in Jersey and Guernsey you can ensure your data residency is intact, no matter what.

Gather and share documents securely.

Collect, upload and share files securely with unlimited third parties, by invitation only and with full access permissions and version control built in.

Streamline uploads.

Easily organise, auto-index, watermark documents with page-level view tracking.

Build deal bundles seamlessly.

When your deal concludes you can build a deal bundle online seamlessly, including an index and optionally copies of any relating secure mail, Q&A.

Detailed audit records.

Keep track of all access by users with detailed audit records of who accessed what and when.

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Easy document collation

Our solution can receive, index and display all major file-types by a simple drag and drop. Upload files as individual files or whole document structures, even large files exceeding 100GB with ease. We will automatically process all files on upload to make them fully searchable.

Your data room includes automatic numbering, watermarking and page-level view tracking enabled by default. You can enable or disable these features to suit your own requirements. Other features, like baskets for selective bulk downloads or detailed "what's changed" reports, can be turned on if you wish to give your bidders that benefit.

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Granular file permissions and tripwires

Granular permission settings let you keep track of what everyone has done and you can access very detailed self-service audit reports. Set permissions to determine who can view, download, print, edit at an individual or group level for files or whole folders.

Our solution has built-in data loss prevention mechanisms for detecting and preventing breaches by rogue staff or other authorised users. Detailed and indelible audit records are available online to enable analysis.

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Keep track of progress

Users can be automatically notified when new documents are added to the data room and changes appear in each user's personalised news feed. Reports like 'What's changed' and 'Reading list' extend the functionality, summarising all document additions, deletions, renames and listing documents not yet read.

Data room administrators have additional access to an extensive range of reports, including the interactive audit report, showing popular pages, documents and folders, time spent on each one, further broken down by bidder group and individual user. You can drill down into each of these groupings for more detail.

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Build deal bundles

When your deal concludes, you can build a deal bundle online, or we can build it on your behalf and deliver it to you on a drive, complete with a letter of authenticity. Our bundles include an index, and optional copies of any secure mail, Q&A, contents of the data room's trash bin, and the documents themselves.

After you have obtained your deal bundle, you can delete your Virtual Data Room or use our archival service for long term retention.

Make it yours

We recognise that every organisation has different needs, and these can change at a moments notice. To help you with such challenges our Virtual Data Rooms can be extended in a multitude of ways, tailoring your workspace to fit your businesses requirements, both internally and externally.

We have designed this to be a quick and painless process where we do the work and leave you to get on with impressing your clients with customised access and efficient service delivery. From basic workflows, to stylish microsites and knowledge portals we can turn your vision of digital service delivery into something tangible and secure, quickly and cost-effectively.

Secure your transactions with Vaiie today

Contact us to find out how quick and easy it is to set up a Virtual Data Room. We can support you on your journey to streamline and secure the due diligence process for all your financial transactions in a cost-effective way.

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