Communications business poised to transform Guernsey

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A new digital business focusing on internal and external communications has launched in Guernsey.

The business, Vaiie, offers a range of services, from customer communication management platforms and digital transformation software to communications campaign management tools.

It is a collective venture between the team behind Jersey Post’s digital services and the Guernsey-based development team of communications and digital agency TPA, led by Managing Director Nigel Kennedy.

Lee Bosio, the new Director of Vaiie, said

Digital technology is revolutionising the ways businesses work and our range of services enables local companies to take advantage of the latest solutions in order to work smarter. Digital services and e-commerce are increasingly common but remain an untapped resource for many businesses in Guernsey. We’re providing new ways for businesses to reach their customers and will work with them to devise bespoke campaigns and solutions.

Vaiie offers a full service solution that includes identifying digital opportunities and building platforms to deliver these services. It also offers services including scanning, encrypted document storage and digital signatures.

Business Development Manager Matthew Bain will manage the initial growth of Vaiie in Guernsey with the team at TPA. “The first part of my job is to engage with local businesses and find out what they want,” he said. “Once we've established a good base, we have a real aspiration to grow the business in Guernsey.”

Pictured above (L-R): TPA's Nigel Kennedy with Vaiie's Matthew Bain, Head of Marketing David McGrath and Lee Bosio

Source: BL Global

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