New brand, new services for Jersey Post Digital

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Jersey Post Digital has today announced its plans to adopt the trading name and brand, Vaiie.

This new brand, together with new services, will place the organisation in a strong position to seize the current growth opportunities in the management of regulatory processes (RegTech) within the financial industry.

This diversification led to the successful launch of Vaiie in Guernsey in April 2019, a joint venture with Guernsey-based communications and digital agency, TPA. This venture saw the latest digital processes and communication channels integrate effectively with traditional distribution techniques to optimise the speed, efficiency and cost of operational and marketing messages for clients located within the Channel Islands. Since April, the company has been successfully supporting financial services organisations to reduce costs and improve internal processes through the provision of three core services:

  • RegTech
  • Communication
  • Enterprise Portals

Tim Brown, Chief Executive of Jersey Post, said

The introduction of Vaiie into the Guernsey market has been very successful. We have established ourselves as the largest data handler in the Channel Islands, and the Vaiie brand itself received fantastic feedback. This enabled our global growth ambitions, and the next step in our digital strategy was to roll out this brand in Jersey where we will continue to improve our Channel Island offering, while also scaling this to meet the needs of other off-island jurisdictions

Along with the new brand and name, there is also a new website. However, what really sets the brand offering apart is the introduction of two new RegTech services which will increase the focus on solutions specific to regulated financial services businesses, and those businesses that have regulatory supervision.

  • Vaiie Onboard enables a financial services business to use custom branded digital workflows to request, collate and validate the specific information they require from each client during the onboarding process. This solution allows teams to refocus their efforts on enhanced stages of due diligence, something which many businesses find difficult to achieve.
  • Vaiie Locate can be built into Vaiie Onboard or used as a standalone solution. It provides businesses with a simple, custom-branded portal that supports and accelerates the client verification process, saving businesses the time and cost involved with this important aspect of client onboarding.

Lee Bosio, Managing Director at Vaiie, stated

Governance, Risk and Compliance represent some of the highest costs for financial services today, and we have worked hard to provide solutions that support each of these areas. Not only do our services reduce high costs, centralise and overcome the burden of disjointed systems, but they also provide a seamless experience for both organisation and client. It’s an exciting time for digital services, and I’m delighted to be bringing this brand, its expertise and solutions to Jersey.
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