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9 June 2021 RegTech

Regulatory Technology – forging a new future of customer onboarding

Covid-19 has forced businesses to speed up their automation strategies. It has even been said that automation will become key to surviving a possible Covid-19 recession. As we look to the future of financial services and navigating out of the pandemic, remote and automated client onboarding will be integral for any regulated business that wants to improve their customer experience, speed up compliance processes and reduce costs. However, what is critical in achieving true success with digital customer onboarding is balancing automation and usability with the ongoing and altering demands of the regulators.

1 June 2021 RegTech

Keeping up with compliance: The responsibility of onboarding and how RegTech can help

For any financial services operation, securing a new client is always a fantastic win. But the next step of actually onboarding that client can often feel the opposite. It is a time heavy process which you absolutely have to get right. Compliance to regulations is, of course, vital, but it is not always the easiest to achieve with teams and compliance managers often snowed under – resulting in a slower task then anybody wants.

11 May 2021 RegTech

Digital ID verification – Debunking the myths around Regulatory Technology

Identity verification has always been a key focus for businesses that need to comply with KYC regulations and mitigate the risk of application fraud during in-person customer onboarding. For remote customer onboarding in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the removal of face-to-face meetings and office interaction, financial institutions are hastily looking to digital identity verification to enable them to onboard customers remotely in a secure, efficient and compliant manner.

3 May 2021 RegTech

Why businesses should be implementing a digital ID verification tool

With a significant number of individuals turning to digital spaces to conduct business and personal activity, companies need to be increasingly careful of assessing the real identity and intention of people presenting themselves online. That, coupled with an increase in identity fraud, is the reason why digital identity verification is currently spiking in demand and is a key consideration for the digital transformation strategies of many businesses.

2 March 2021 RegTech

Digitising the identity verification process: critical for business success

Even before the global pandemic, digital identity verification had already started to become an integral part of everyday life. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for businesses and Governments worldwide to rethink their approach and digitise their identity verification process to facilitate day-to-day interactions and offer an effective and efficient customer experience remotely - a component critical to future business success in a digital age.

3 February 2021 RegTech

RegTech solutions to National Risk Assessment challenge

As one of the many promising technology firms, focussing specifically on the Regulatory & Compliance Technologies, Vaiie loves nothing more than bringing innovation, industry collaboration, and cutting-edge technology to life.

22 December 2020 RegTech

Ten technology trends to follow in 2021

Financial institutions are using RegTech to onboard customers fast and with compliance across all jurisdictions they operate in. Artificial intelligence provides client insight directly to managers in real-time, without language limitations. Blockchain technology’s potential is fully understood at every level of the business, and plans are afoot to use it. Well, we may not be there quite yet, but we may in the next 12 months!

1 December 2020 RegTech

The new standard in Address Assurance

Developing and implementing a seamless and cost-effective automated client onboarding process is critical to business success.

1 November 2020 RegTech

RegTech – the new lifeblood of compliance

RegTech has been hailed as “the new lifeblood of compliance” – but how many compliance departments are currently tuned in to this new way of thinking and working?

1 October 2020 RegTech

RegTech – What is it? Why now?

Lee Bosio, Managing Director of Vaiie, discusses the importance of businesses considering new and emerging technologies such as RegTech.

27 August 2020 RegTech

Regulatory Technology webinar for JCOA

In July, our Business Development Manager, Edmund Hatton, held a Regulatory Technology webinar for the Jersey Compliance Officers Association. Edmund’s presentation, titled “Industrial Revolution 4.0” talked through how RegTech can help businesses improve efficiency, profitability and maintain the ever-changing uncertainties, faced by regulations.

16 April 2020 RegTech

Are you identifing and onboarding customers remotely?

Now more than ever the ability to identify and on-board customers remotely is critical. Our Product Development Manager, Craig Marett, spoke to Digital Jersey this week about the ability to identify and on-board clients remotely.

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