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20 July 2020 Why Vaiie

Vaiie appoints Advisory Panel of industry experts

We welcome local industry leaders Aaron Chatterley, Helen Hatton and Ricky Magalhaes as advisors to provide strategic advice and input into the digital, financial and regulatory sectors to support us in our ambitious growth plans.

11 May 2020 Portals

Know the best way to share files securely? We do!

Join us at Fintech Focus: A Thought Leadership Series with Digital Jersey and Jersey Finance. You will learn why the world’s smartest organisations don’t share sensitive files over email or basic messaging software.

16 April 2020 RegTech

Are you identifing and onboarding customers remotely?

Now more than ever the ability to identify and on-board customers remotely is critical. Our Product Development Manager, Craig Marett, spoke to Digital Jersey this week about the ability to identify and on-board clients remotely.

27 March 2020 Portals

Free Secure Portal for every organsation in the Channel Islands

In partnership with Safelink, from today we will give all organisations in the Channel Islands a branded secure portal with 500MB of free storage. You can be up and running within 24 hours!

16 January 2020 Why Vaiie

New brand, new services for Jersey Post Digital

Jersey Post Digital has today announced its plans to adopt the trading name and brand, Vaiie. This new brand, together with new services, will place the organisation in a strong position to seize the current growth opportunities in the management of regulatory processes (RegTech) within the financial industry.

16 December 2019 RegTech

Blockchain as a tool for Corporate Governance

Blockchain is probably the most talked about technology since the Internet, and has the potential to disrupt every industry. Learn the benefits that its use could bring to corporate governance and how it could offer smart solutions for classical sector inefficiencies.

19 September 2019 RegTech

How to mitigate the risk of Signatory Fraud

In many organisations, the process of managing and distributing authorised signatory lists is still paper-based and manual. This means that company secretaries face a huge administrative burden between compiling, scanning, and distributing the lists.

3 April 2019 Why Vaiie

Communications business poised to transform Guernsey

Vaiie, offers a range of services, from customer communication management platforms and digital transformation software to communications campaign management tools.

23 November 2018 Why Vaiie

A new digital strategy: The Gallery interview

For a Jersey resident it’s easy to imagine Jersey Post as simply the people who deliver the mail. The name says it all, right? Well, not exactly. Find out about our new digital solutions.

10 November 2018 Why Vaiie

Our Jersey launch: Watch it unfold

Clients and colleagues witnessed the transformation of an empty retail unit in St Helier, Jersey last month to celebrate our launch. Watch our video now.

9 November 2018 Why Vaiie

Next chapter for Jersey Post in digital services

Digital signatures, encrypted online document storage and scanning were among the new digital services launched by Jersey Post as the company seeks to expand its business portfolio.

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