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Know the best way to share files securely? We do!

Know the best way to share files securely? We do!

11 May 2020

Article by Craig Marett

I manage the vision, strategy and road map development for Vaiie’s product offering. I also position the business to be ready to support our clients’ future needs.

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Join us for Fintech Focus where you will learn why the world’s smartest organisations don’t share sensitive files over email or basic messaging software.

Organised and hosted by Digital Jersey and Jersey Finance, the first event in the Thought Leadership Series starts with an Exclusive Live Webinar from us, Vaiie, together with our product partner Safelink. You will learn how you can eliminate data breaches in your organisation by using titan secure digital portals to share files.

21st May 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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"It’s highly likely you are putting clients and your business at risk when sharing files if you rely on standard software available on your computer"

- Lee Bosio - Managing Director, Vaiie


Microsoft Teams. Slack. OneDrive. SharePoint. Dropbox. Many file sharing services exist on corporate devices nowadays but knowing the right one to use for the specific file you need to share requires consideration and a little knowledge to avoid putting information at risk.

When it comes to sharing non-confidential files within small teams with fewer complications, choosing Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Slack, OneDrive, Google Drive or SharePoint to name but a few are usually acceptable options. However, when it comes to sharing private and confidential documents, such as customer due diligence, financial information, patents, strategies, agreements, etc., with multiple teams and companies across the globe, you need to apply greater levels of security and control. Levels you can only get through a titan secure digital portal, be that via collaboration workspaces or deal rooms.

This webinar will help you consider the most appropriate level of security to apply when sharing files and select the most suitable platform without risking misappropriation or misuse of your data.

It will be particularly eye opening to:

  • Small business owners and IT professionals that want to make their systems more secure,
  • Employees using basic tools to share files and who are wanting to understand how they could reduce the risk of doing this, and
  • Risk managers trying to enhance data security practices for sensitive files and information in the business.



  • Lee Bosio - Managing Director, Vaiie
  • Harry Boxall - Founder & Director, Safelink

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