Address Assurance.


Enhance your due diligence

Using a range of trusted techniques, we help you to build higher-levels of assurance so you can better qualify a client’s residential address as part of your CDD checks. Working with our global partners, we analyse delivery history, past and present address history and use location verification, whereby a secure code is physically sent to the address and scanned on premise by the client in conjunction with their ID and transmission of GPS location.
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The new standard of address assurance

It has become second nature that for any internet service you are required to confirm your email and phone number using a secure code, which you then need to type in to verify you as the owner of the given account. However, for some reason it is widely acceptable that we simply give an address without being able to verify that you actively reside there.

Leveraging our partners from the postal and digital on boarding industries, we have developed a product, which can provide an automated, real-world address verification as a second layer of assurance.

Global address verification.

Higher levels of due diligence.

Reduced organisational risk.

Cutting-edge technology.

"...using digital to bridge the communication gap..."

“We heard what [Vaiie] was planning to offer... it’s fantastic how they are using digital to bridge the communication gap. It’s progressive and exactly what Jersey needs.”

- Cassandra Teesdale, Head of Digital CIIOM & Expat for HSBC

Due diligence enhanced

We have developed our process as a result of strategic partnerships with international postal authorities and technology companies specialising in RegTech. This powerful combination allowed us to develop a new standard of address verification through an easy, automated process.

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Target address identified

When a user uploads a proof of their address onto our on boarding platform, it is automatically scanned and indexed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which extracts the address and turns it into raw data. In the instance of using Vaiie Address Assurance, we simply feed into your database of onboarded clients or another onboarding provider of your choice.

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Verification code generated

Our system generates a unique code that is assigned to each individual address. It then adds your client's name and your branding and creates creates an address verification card. The card is then processed using Hybrid Mail solution to deliver the card to the address utilising our postal partners to ensure a fast and fully trackable service.

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding showing on a client's mobile phone whilst they prepare a document to capture

Verification process takes place within address

Your customer receives their verification card with a security code, which they enter into their device and take a photo of their passport where the meta data is picked up and the individuals’ location matched to that of the physical address. The data is automatically analysed and passed on through a number of checks ensuring the address provided is correct.

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Validation synced to your system

The verification data is then sent back to your onboarding system or dedicated database to provide 'a verified tick' against the individual. You receive an audit trail of the verification and an end-to-end view of the process at every stage in real time.

Our developers can integrate the feature into a variety of systems using dedicated API’s, or if you are using our Client Onboarding solution you simply watch the automated process unfold on your dashboard.

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