Automated Customer Onboarding.


Revolutionary solutions for regulatory compliance

For you, our solution complements but transforms your due diligence process and automates many of your manual checks. For your customer, our solution enhances their initial experience with your brand as well as reducing and speeding up the process of providing the information requested.

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Transform the way your organisation operates.

As organisations face increasing standards of regulation, KYC and AML checks are increasing operating costs. Lengthy onboarding times, outdated systems and greater compliance resource are now the consequences of slow adoption of new technology.

Now is the time to digitise onboarding, automate manual checks and speed up complex paper-based processes to better help you meet the latest regulatory requirements.

We connect with leading data aggregators, screening services and verification providers to help you deliver the highest levels of assurance for your organisation. The workflow(s) can be deployed as locally hosted SaaS, on premise or in the cloud to meet your data strategy requirements.

Automated due diligence.

Biometric authentication.

Digital signature.

Photo and video capture.

Seamless integration.

"...delivering best of breed solutions..."

"It is fantastic to be part of Vaiie's collaborative proposition, delivering best of breed solutions for digitising critical and long standing paper-based processes. Credit to forward-thinking Vaiie for spearheading this initiative!"

– Steve Pomfret, Chief Executive Officer at Cygnetise

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Optimise clients' experience of your brand

Our platform is designed to centralise and overcome the burden of multiple and disjointed systems. We have ensured that it not only meets your exact internal requirements, but also provides a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding information gathering stage of the workflow

Total control

We customise each workflow to match your existing processes for client types and regulations.

Assign approval rights. Onboarding can be complex, but our workflow makes this simple, showing you which department or individual is responsible for step approval.

Time limits. If a predetermined time limit for a stage is passed, the predetermined escalation process starts.

Management information. Your workflow drives your dashboards. Management can see how quickly both the overall onboarding and each department is taking for all new prospects at a glance.

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding bank account letters stage

Document checklist

When opening a new client profile, a document checklist is generated with minimum criteria to complete the onboarding.

Ensure consistency. The checklist means that no critical documents are overlooked and each document is uploaded, processed, approved (or rejected) quickly and without ambiguity.

Prevent prolonging. Set deadlines and responsibilities for each document with escalation procedures for missing or substandard quality documents.This ensures that the correct documents are uploaded in time and in the correct quality for onboarding.

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding chat feature

Integrated live chat

Client profiles and document stages feature live chat, allowing you to communicate securely and quickly using a single channel.

Having one channel for communication where all client developments are available reduces risk, and if management of the client changes then whoever takes it over can see all previous developments quickly without having to search in other places.

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding verification checklist page

Integrated with best data providers

Our platform connects with the best third-party integrations, which includes all major business data providers, PEPs, sanctions and adverse media screening tools. And did we mention ID and verification providers too?

Screenshot of Vaiie Client Onboarding ID verification results page

Multi-tier identity verification

Live support. Chat or video call with your client to help them.

Photo selfie. Verify your client with a selfie and cross-reference similarity to ID provided.

Video capture. Biometrically analysis of live video for a higher level of verification.

The world's most secure electronic signature

Our omni-channel electronic signature offering is one of the most extensive on the market. Sign from any device at anytime and anywhere with a recognised Qualified Signature Creation Device according to the European eIDAS regulation.

Discover how Vaiie can help you to transform, automate and better connect your organisation

We listen to your needs to help you to discover the art of the possible, using new technologies and digital processes.

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Connecting your due diligence instantly with global structured and unstructred data.

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