Work securely, whilst working remotely.

We have partnered with Safelink to give organisations in the Channel Islands a free secure portal.

✓ Share large files ✓ Digitally sign documents ✓ Send secure mail ✓ Ensure your data stays in Jersey or Guernsey

You will be up and running with your own branded secure portal within 24 hours

Complete this form and we will create your secure portal with 500MB of storage free for the next 3 months*

Secure file sharing.

Upload and share large files securely with unlimited clients and third parties, by invitation and with full access permissions

Secure mail.

Send and receive secure mail messages

Audit trail.

Keep track of all access by all users with detailed audit records

Digital signature.

Sign documents with our integrated legally binding digital signature functionality


Be confident that encryption is market-leading; two factor authentication optional

Don’t let working from home hamper your productivity or data compliance

Working in digital workspaces within Safelink gives all parties complete confidence in the security of documents and information, with all the convenience of cloud-based accessibility.

Get your free branded secure portal today.

Get up and running now

Enjoy a secure digital workspace free for 3 months

We will give you 500MB of storage that will hold approximately 9,600 pages of MS Word documents, 320 images, 160 minutes of video or 120 MP3 files!

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Enable your organisation

Safelink is used by teams, legal professionals and enterprises to create private and secure digital workspaces, enhance workflow and get the job done faster.

Get up and running now

One platform for client service delivery.

Create one digital workspace for your clients and external parties for file sending, document sharing and collaboration, deals and disputes.

Lock down sensitive information.

Safelink’s titan security framework means that all documents, both at rest and in transit are encrypted at the highest level.

Keep track of progress.

Safelink makes sure you are always working off the latest document and gives full access to an activity report of who has done what when.

Join over 200,000 others using Safelink.

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