Setting new standards in regulatory technology

Our team creates regulatory software that enhances the way businesses meet their regulatory obligations

At Vaiie, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that empower organisations to securely manage customer data in compliance with regulatory standards.

Our cutting-edge technology and expertise ensure that your data management processes are not only efficient but also fully compliant with the ever-evolving landscape of data protection laws. 

We prioritise the security and privacy of your customer information, enabling you to build trust and maintain the highest standards of integrity. By partnering with us, you gain a reliable ally committed to safeguarding your data and enhancing your operational excellence.

Meet the team behind our software

Photograph of Louise Flynn

Louise Flynn

Operations Manager

Photograph of Reuben Rushton-Taylor

Reuben Rushton-Taylor

Devops Engineer

Photograph of Garry Evans

Garry Evans

Customer Success Manager

Photograph of Toby Clyde-Smith

Toby Clyde-Smith

Head of Organisational Development

Photograph of Jon Leverrier

Jon Leverrier


Advisory Panel

Photograph of Karl Moss

Karl Moss

Strategic Advisor

Photograph of Helen Hatton

Helen Hatton

Strategic Advisor

Photograph of Ricky Magalhaes

Ricky Magalhaes

Strategic Advisor

Strategic Partners

Logo for First Derivative

First Derivative

We are thrilled to partner with First Derivative to enhance our regulatory compliance solutions. Their expert team provides extensive compliance experience tailored to scale to your business needs and opportunities.

First Derivative transforms compliance into a growth opportunity, simplifies complexities and ensures seamless alignment with industry standards. Together, we deliver customised, innovative, and effective compliance strategies, helping your business not only meet regulatory requirements but thrive.