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Case Studies

The Highlands Foundation required a secure Digital ID platform for a very unique reason

The Highlands College Foundation, having made amendments to its Constitution, is honoured to administer the Le Catillon II Hoard Fund. The Fund serves to distribute grants to successful applicants for, “The promotion of scientific and educational research into the Le Catillon II Hoard, including research by staff, students and alumni of Highlands College and research by any third party, in Jersey or overseas”.

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A trusted partner in delivering secure real time remote identity verification

Rising regulatory hurdles, along with elevated customer demands, make reliable, instantaneous remote identity verification a crucial element for secure online access to various services.

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A safe and seamless ID verification solution for the Government of Jersey

Increasing regulatory challenges, combined with high customer expectations, means that trusted, real time remote identity verification is an essential component of secure online access to a wide range of services.

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