Adam Brown

Programme Manager

My 15+ year career covers strategy, change management, banking, payments and digital transformation, this expertise coupled with expertise in promotion, events, and thought leadership has seen many call me Jersey’s fintech futurist or its fintech influencer.

I provide decisive fact-based insight on new and emerging trends, opportunities, threats, legislation, and regulatory developments to identify opportunities and strategic solutions.

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As a full member of the Association for Project Management, I recognise the importance of programme and project managers in successful project delivery and give back to the profession as part of the Channel Islands branch committee.

Life altering tech event

Buying and modding my first computer, a Commodore Amiga 500.

Most interesting read of the year

As a family we are trying to be more environmentally aware and ‘Climate Crisis for Beginners’ by Andy Prentice and Eddie Reynolds has been a great resource for explaining the need to act now to our young children.

Adam Brown's traits

  • Myers Briggs

    Assertive Protagonist

  • Generational leadership


    GEN Y
  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Emotional stability

  • Risk-taking

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