Andrew MacKinnon

Lead Technical Developer

I am responsible for delivery and enhancements of our Communication products.

I focus on uplifting the workflow to meet client needs and providing greater efficiency for our production, as well as ensuring process mapping and associated process documentation is accessible and up to date for all our products.In addition, I run the migration project for our communication products from our legacy systems and the mapping paths for our products from client systems, as well as building whole cloth solutions on our latest modular workflow environment.

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As an engineer, I planned the function, presentation and construction of generator controls. I’ve worked on integrating systems, a role that required creative design, while maintaining industry safety regulations. Joining Jersey Post in 1999, I’ve been a stalwart team member for 20 years now. During this time, I’ve adapted my skills to meet the needs of the clients & employer, my toolbox these days is enhanced by technical training in Austria, UK and the US.

Life altering tech event

Setting up LAN parties, to play Command and Conquer across half a dozen PC’s in my friend’s basement, those were good times.

Most interesting read of the year

"Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky, which I'm still reading. Kudos must go to the author. I’m amazed I have empathy for an evolving matriarchal spider based civilisation!

Andrew MacKinnon's traits

  • Myers Briggs

    The Craftsman

  • Generational leadership

    Baby Bust

    GEN X
  • Competitiveness

  • Social adaptability

  • Collaboration

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