Réka Wilson

Product Development Executive

My role involves researching and developing digital products to solve common financial services business needs, creating and implementing the product strategies as well as actively being involved in user research.

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For almost a decade I have been a digital consultant that has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in Digital Transformation, User Experience Strategy and Digital Marketing. I assisted organisations in redefining and focusing their strategy to include technology at different levels and create opportunities to increase their revenue and enhance their customers' experience at each endpoint. I felt passionate about making a change since I was young, getting involved in local politics and pursuing several roles in non-governmental organisations. Over the past several years my focus has been increasingly in conservation and sustainable technology. To this effect, I am presently conducting a research project into sustainable digital transformation in charities with the aim of conducting a PhD in green digital transformation.

Life altering tech event

The first time I touched a CoBra back in 1989. It was my first interaction with a computer and I was absolutely hooked, driving me to convince my mum to go on a Saturday coding course a few years later.

Most interesting read of the year

“The Secrets of Station X: How Bletchley Park codebreakers helped with the war” by Michael Smith. It is an incredible insight into the extent of their talent and creativity and the fundamental role of codebreakers in the wars.

Réka Wilson's traits

  • Myers Briggs

    The Advocate

  • Generational leadership


    GEN Y
  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Emotional stability

  • Risk-taking

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