Reuben Rushton-Taylor

DevOps Engineer

I develop process automation workflows for multiple connecting applications/systems.

I also assist with turning raw data into digital or print documents. I create and develop management information dashboards to support client relationships.

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From personal interests and projects involving technical development, and experience as a SMB network manager and security consultant, I have built up a good level of practical experience in using a variety of modern programming languages as well as integrating logic in to finance systems.

Life altering tech event

When I started using my first laptop - a 2007 MacBook core 2 duo. This kicked off my journey into a highly technical life.

Most interesting watch of the year

"The Office" - it had taken far too many years to start watching this show, but I’ve finally done it.

Reuben Rushton-Taylor's traits

  • Myers Briggs

    The Mastermind

  • Generational leadership


    GEN Z
  • Liking for stress

  • Creativity

  • Motivation

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