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A trusted partner in delivering secure real time remote identity verification

Rising regulatory hurdles, along with elevated customer demands, make reliable, instantaneous remote identity verification a crucial element for secure online access to various services.

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To meet these customer expectations while maintaining robust security protocols Vaiie partnered with Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification solutions​,​ to enhance our product capabilities by using Regula’s ​Document Reader SDK. This partnership forms part of the wide range of checks undertaken by Vaiie solutions.

Fighting financial crime is a constant arms race against those seeking to abuse the financial ecosystem. Building our own technology while partnering with best in class providers gives Vaiie a mesh like approach to identity verification checks and our clients get the best of both worlds.

The results

Fast and compliant identity verification workflow suitable for any organisation, country or industry

Regula’s extensive document template database contains over 12,000 ID templates from 247 countries and territories.

Real time document checks via mobile or web application​

Regula’s solution instantly reads and validates personal data in accordance with the relevant template. It can automatically determine if a document is real and verifies its authenticity by analysing the security features such as those within a passport.

Fully automated process that requires minimum action from users​

Identify’s simple interface allows clients to control their own identity verification experience with a range of powerful and secure identification tools providing instant validation in the background without the need for separate checks or multiple tools.

For Vaiie, building partnerships with trusted solutions providers such as Regula is essential, particularly in an ever changing regulatory landscape where we need to continually adapt as the market matures. Regula is a highly regarded name in the identity verification space and is trusted by a number of blue chip and government organisations globally.

Luke Hopton
Solutions Architect

We are proud that our partnership with Vaiie helps organizations throughout the world meet even the strictest regulations, regardless of their geography or industry. We know how many nuances the process of identity verification includes and how sophisticated identity fraud can be. That is why we make every effort to not only facilitate the workflow but also secure it so that every check an organization performs is as trustworthy as possible.

Ihar Kliashchou
Chief Technology Officer

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The full story

Identifying the challenge

Vaiie’s mission was to build an online identity verification service that drastically reduced onboarding time, cost, and abandonment rate, while at the same time enhancing document analysis capabilities to meet even the most stringent of KYC checks.

As a result, Vaiie partnered with a number of trusted third parties, including Regula, to deliver reliable identity verification to help companies throughout the world reach high regulatory standards.

Meeting the challenge

Regula’s solution instantly reads and validates in accordance with the relevant template personal data submitted as part of an identity verification journey. It automatically determines if a document is real and verifies its authenticity by analysing the document's security features. For example, when validating a passport the solution cross-checks data in the visual zone, MRZ (machine readable zone), electronic RFID chip, and barcode​ ​ to spot any possible inconsistencies that may indicate fraud.

Many Vaiie clients operate in the global market and so it is essential that partners of Vaiie can meet this challenge. Regula maintains its own extensive document template database that contains over 12,000 ID templates from 247 countries and territories, meaning it is fast and effective, whatever ID is provided.

The result

Vaiie Identify delivers an intuitive verification process to help clients verify their customers’ identity in minutes. Through partnering with Regula our clients can:

  • streamline identity verification workflows while reducing costs;
  • verify more customers in less time;
  • mitigate fraud with comprehensive ID authentication;
  • deliver an exceptional customer experience;
  • comply even with the strictest regulations.

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