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Vaiie’s Summer of Sport

Summer might not have quite been what we were promised, but at Vaiie that didn’t stop us from a busy summer of sports, competitions and getting out and supporting the community.

 Photograph of Vaiie’s Summer of Sport

We recognise that stress and burnout are common challenges in the workplace and employee wellbeing extends beyond physical fitness, but at Vaiie we are a team that love sports and we know that sport can significantly improve employee wellbeing and fosters strong team dynamics.

In this Vaiie Views article we reflect on our summer of sport and just five of the benefits these activities brought us both as a team and individually.

1. Reduced Stress

Engaging in any kind of physical activity is proven to have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of a person. Regular physical activity has been shown to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. According to a study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, employees who participated in physical activities reported 25% lower rates of stress compared to their sedentary counterparts.

2. Increased Productivity and Energy Levels

Encouraging employees to participate in sports during their working day or offering on-site fitness facilities can lead to enhanced productivity and increased energy levels. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that employees who engaged in regular physical activity were 23% more productive than those who were inactive. Additionally, they reported higher levels of concentration and creativity.

3. Team Building and Improved Communication

Sports provides an excellent platform for team building and improving communication among colleagues. When employees participate in team sports, they learn to collaborate, strategise, and rely on one another, similar to the dynamics of the workplace. A survey conducted by Deloitte revealed that 82% of employees believe that participating in team sports enhances teamwork, leading to stronger relationships and improved problem-solving.

4. Boosting Morale and Employee Engagement

Organising physical activities or team-building exercises can boost employee morale and foster a sense of belonging within the company. Research by the Society for Human Resource Management suggests that companies that prioritise employee engagement through activities such as sports have 21% higher profitability and a 41% reduction in absences.

5. Healthier Work-Life Balance

Incorporating sports and team activities into the company culture can promote a healthier work-life balance among employees. A study conducted by Stanford University found that employees who regularly participate in physical activities outside of work were more satisfied with their work-life balance and reported lower levels of work-related stress.

Sports and the workplace share a close relationship and success doesn’t always come without setbacks and the team at Vaiie certainly saw a few over the summer with a number of injuries and ailments including bad backs (cycling), fractured fingers (basketball), knee injuries (basketball), bee stings (running), arm tendons (wakeboarding), and sunburn (golf). A special shoutout to those who persevered.

Our sporting success

Whether we were taking part as a team, or taking time out individually, we have participated in a wide range of activities:

  • Annual Vaiie pétanque competition
  • Competitive line dancing
  • Corporate basketball league
  • Dementia Jersey memory walk
  • Golf tournaments
  • Jersey Accuro Triathlon
  • Long distance cycling
  • Lunchtime boxing
  • Lunchtime sea swimming
  • Marathon and half marathons
  • Mont Saint-Michel BAYMAN triathlon
  • Padel tennis
  • Pool competition vs The Summit
  • Run for Kezia
  • SwimRun Jersey
  • TMF Island Walk
  • Vaiie run club

Run for Kezia

Vaiie was a proud co-sponsor of the 2023 run which is focussed on raising awareness around the importance of good mental health in young people. Building good mental health is as important as physical health and it is important that this message of seeking help, if needed, without shame is highlighted and reinforced with young people to take these practices into adulthood.

Photograph of Run for Kezia 2023

The team supported on the day by either running in the event or marshalling and supporting the almost 800 runners. The run has raised £5,000 so far for the Jersey Community Foundation.

A special mention to our co-sponsors and friends at Oben Law + Regulatory, Grant Thornton Channel Islands, and Rathbones Group Plc.

Basketball - 'The Vaiie Kings'

The team at Vaiie, with the help of a few Jersey Post Group colleagues, friends & family, have been unleashing their inner Michael Jordan this summer, participating in the Jersey Basketball Association's corporate summer league as 'The Vaiie Kings'.

Photograph of Vaiie kings 2023 2

The mixed league saw Vaiie play against seven other teams including Government of Jersey, Jersey Sport and a number of financial service providers in a round robin format to see which company will come out on top.

The predominantly novice Vaiie team showed great heart, teamwork and commitment and turned up hungry to win every week. We had a number of hard-fought games against some very capable and competitive sides but managed to claim a win, a draw (after overtime!) and kept all of their losses to within a few points, many of them offering nail biting final moments where the result hung in the balance till the dying seconds. The team truly did themselves proud with their efforts and commitment to the team!

Alongside the healthy competition, the Vaiie Kings have continually shown excellent spirit and sportsmanship and, win or lose, everyone has finished each game with a smile on their face, happily shaking hands with the opposition. They've done themselves and Vaiie proud with their efforts and, looking forward to returning to the court next year for Summer League '24.

Just as athletes strive for excellence on the field, Vaiie employees strive for excellence in their roles. Sport not only promotes physical well-being but also cultivates a winning mindset that drives us to achieve our goals and surpass our limits. In the world of business, just as in sports, it's not about the individual; it's about the team, and together, we are able to achieve greatness

Lee Bosio
Managing Director

Sporting activities are not always everyone's interest, which is why at Vaiie we have found that encouraging or introducing new sports into the company environment is so important. Through encouraging a variety of different types of activities that cater to different fitness levels and interests lead to a high take-up of participants which then led to a far-reaching impact on employee wellbeing and team building. The benefits of sports in the workplace are evident. As more companies recognise the value of employee wellness and teamwork, integrating sports activities into the corporate culture becomes a positive outcome for both employers and employees.

By prioritising physical activity and promoting a healthy work environment, companies can create a more vibrant and cohesive workforce that thrives in today's competitive landscape.

If you have a sporting challenge for us or are interested in finding out more about our career opportunities contact us