Make critical decisions with confidence and speed

Our time efficient solution enables easy real time audits on any subject, jurisdiction and industry, providing all the enhance due diligence information you need in a single report.

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  • AI driven due diligence reporting

    Real time results to provide critical information to enhance risk based decision making.

  • Subject, jurisdiction and industry due diligence

    Global coverage built to provide 360 degree views of customers and their associated locations and industries.

  • Advanced risk scoring methodology

    Multiple data sources combine to provide powerful risk scores.

A purpose built research engine that empowers your organisation with artificial intelligence to instantly discover the risks that matter most

The solution mines adverse media, sanctions and over 800 watchlists, PEP lists and corporate records databases, regardless of whether the data is structured, unstructured or in a different language.

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How does Vaiie Intelligence help your business?

Picture of Benefit risk profiling

Mitigate risk

Have confidence in your risk profiling

Better understand subjects, improve decision making processes and reduce reputational risk.

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Trusted data sources

Accelerate the due diligence process

Go deeper with less expense and time required to carry out enhanced due diligence.

Picture of Benefit data sources

Comprehensive intelligence

Expedite costly and prolonged risk investigations

Comprehensive intelligence sources reduce lengthy investigation processes from days to minutes.

Vaiie Intelligence features

  • Advanced dashboard and risk indicators

    Provide teams with instant high level summaries and enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Intelligent reporting

    Intelligent features remove noise to create a single comprehensive report .

  • Scalable

    Large volumes of requests can be processed with no additional effort and no limitations on the amount or sources of data.

  • Intelligent cognitive engine

    Auto adjudicate events based on natural language processing which removes more than 95% of false positives.

Ready to gather intelligence?

Make critical decisions with confidence and speed.

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Intelligent compliance from the smart island

Forged in Jersey from our deep understanding of regulation and technology.

Solutions overview

Vaiie Identify

Vaiie Identify sets a new global standard in trusted real time remote identity verification.

Vaiie Onboard

Vaiie Onboard is a rapid, frictionless and fully compliant digital onboarding solution.

Logo vaiie communicate dark

Vaiie Communicate manages communication via data-to-print, SMS, email and secure client portals for a true omni-channel experience.

Vaiie Locate

Vaiie Locate is a comprehensive global address assurance service that serves to deter fraud.

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