The global digital address assurance solution

Build levels of assurance by supplementing utility bills with the latest geolocation technology.

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  • Verify addresses in over 230 countries and territories

    Focused on security and client peace of mind using trusted operators.

  • Cutting edge authentication technology

    Securely authenticate individuals using geolocation.

  • Universal Postal Union handling and security standards

    Global reach leveraging our unique postal heritage.

Provide greater assurance that a person is based where they claim to live

Utilising our Jersey Post knowledge, infrastructure and network of trusted postal operators, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the highest levels of address assurance with our trusted verification techniques.

Using our Hybrid Mailing capabilities, we produce a branded document with a unique code and send it to the address. The customer inputs the code within the address at which stage a geolocation verification process is triggered.

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How does Vaiie Locate help your business?

Picture of Benefit reduce fraud

Mitigate risk

Reduce fraud and organisational risk

Reduce the risk of false information entering your systems with insight that helps manage risk based decisions more effectively.

Picture of Benefit validation layer

Meet compliance mandates

Demonstrate higher levels of due diligence

Add an additional layer of validation for customers and their addresses, using physical delivery confirmation and geolocation tracking.

Picture of Benefit manual checks

Do more without comprise

Save time conducting manual checks

Easy to implement automated process that reduces the need for costly human interventions.

Picture of Benefit easy integration

Installation options

Easy to integrate

Standalone or API integrated installation that connects to your existing platforms and workflows.

Vaiie Locate features

  • Geolocation and proximity detection

    Locate compares data from the expected address and the customers input device then applies proximity logic to help you achieve greater levels of address assurance.

  • Powerful management information

    Our reporting engine enables instant analysis of all address verifications occurring during a period to quickly filter and display performance and comparative metrics.

  • Single and batch verification

    Use the interface or API to request a single verification following a trigger event or request an entire batch in one go as part of your remediation activity.

  • Flexible API

    If you prefer to manage all checks from your core management system, Locate allows for ease of integration to your existing platforms and workflows.

  • Integrate with ID&V technology

    Integrating with Vaiie Identify provides additional assurance and multi-factor authentication that includes liveness, document capture and authenticity, and facial comparison checks further verifying your client and their residential address.

Ready to locate?

The global digital address assurance solution.

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Intelligent compliance from the smart island

Forged in Jersey from our deep understanding of regulation and technology.

Solutions overview

Vaiie Identify

Vaiie Identify sets a new global standard in trusted real time remote identity verification.

Vaiie Onboard

Vaiie Onboard is a rapid, frictionless and fully compliant digital onboarding solution.

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Vaiie Communicate manages communication via data-to-print, SMS, email and secure client portals for a true omni-channel experience.

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Vaiie Intelligence is an AI driven, due diligence reporting tool with dashboard and risk indicators.