Next level customer communication and channel management

Simplify production, reduce costs and maximise organisational effectiveness when distributing high volumes of operational and marketing communications.

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  • Over 2 million customers reached per year

    We manage international communications reaching 2.5 million customers per year across 45 countries with a single, centralised communications platform.

  • Bespoke design

    Working with your ready designs or simple brand assets, we produce personalised communications to your customers, ensuring the high-quality targeted campaigns.

  • 400+ campaigns produced annually

    Every campaign is handled by a dedicated account manager and can be designed, printed, and dispatched within 24 hours.

Provide consistent communication that represents your brand and matches your customers’ requirements

Outsourcing the production and distribution of large quantity communications will save you time and money, and provide additional insights.

Working with your client data, we create personalised finished documents ready for traditional mail or delivery via email, SMS or secure portals for a true omni-channel approach.

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How does Vaiie Communicate help your business?

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Connect channels

Omni-channel experience

Data-to-print, SMS, email and secure client portals are some of the channels that clients now expect to receive information from you on. We work with industry leading providers in the telecommunications and banking sectors to understand the complex nature of connecting channels in real time, and managing your message consistently, achieving a true omni-channel experience.

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Decades of experience

Experienced data handlers

Our development team and migration specialists have decades of experience in safely processing and migrating client data ensuring your organisation and client information is always safe and secure. Our established procedures and data centres fulfil the most rigorous audit requirements for leading global brands across the financial services and insurance sectors.

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Avoid non-compliance

Helping you stay compliant

An increasing challenge for many organisations is an ever changing regulatory landscape and ensuring that your client’s data and your processes are always compliant. We work with you to ensure we optimise your workflow to a maximum standard and use business process automation to ensure efficiency and consistency.

Vaiie Communicate features

  • Efficient personalised mail campaigns

    Our on demand data-to-mail solution blends digital precision with traditional postal distribution. Taking your raw data, we apply complex logic and composition to produce highly personalised hybrid mail communications.

  • Highly personalised communications

    We create personalised digital and physical documents allowing you to communicate with your customers through multiple channels more efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Lower costs and greater efficiency

    Many organisations manage and package large quantities of printed documents in-house. In most cases, the actual costs of printing and posting is significantly higher due to the lack of economies of scale – we can change that.

  • Submission

    Simply supply us with your data and visual assets and our design team will produce personalised finished documents. You can also securely send us your customer database and the finished document, which we merge for you and automatically envelope and send at a significantly lower rate than doing so by yourself.

  • Transmission

    Our secure customer portal allows you to transfer data to us easily and securely. Once received customer data is compressed for processing and encrypted to ensure highest security. Our servers and processes are regularly audited and comply with the standards of ISO 27001.

  • Design and production

    Once ready to process, our team of developers can decrypt the data for processing. Once your campaign is designed and finalised, it is sent to you for approval, ensuring you are happy with the final communications.

Ready to communicate?

Simplify production, reduce costs and maximise organisational effectiveness when distributing high volumes of operational and marketing communications.

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Intelligent compliance from the smart island

Forged in Jersey from our deep understanding of regulation and technology.

Solutions overview

Vaiie Identify

Vaiie Identify sets a new global standard in trusted real time remote identity verification.

Vaiie Onboard

Vaiie Onboard is a rapid, frictionless and fully compliant digital onboarding solution.

Logo vaiie intelligence dark

Vaiie Intelligence is an AI driven, due diligence reporting tool with dashboard and risk indicators.

Vaiie Locate

Vaiie Locate is a comprehensive global address assurance service that serves to deter fraud.