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Paul Marett.

Consultant +44 1534 616740

Director leading and managing the digital team until the end of 2019. Now in 2020 a consultant and advisor to this successful and growing business.

Paul's strengths

Strategic ability

Commercial focus



Returning to Jersey at the age of thirty I have worked for over 40 years in IT services. The last 30 years have been at board level but I love to roll up my sleeves and be at the sharp end with clients and prospects!

Life altering tech event

Adoption of email as a work tool – I worked for an American company where colleagues in California didn’t understand why I wasn’t interested in buying their patio slabs!! The world shrunk.

Most interesting book read

Unnatural Causes by Dr Richard Shepherd – all you ever needed to know about forensic pathology!

Myers Briggs type

The Supervisor ESTJ

Natural abundance of energy

Excellent people skills

Attracted to adventure and risk

Generational leadership traits

Baby Boomer Gen B



Social confidence

Gen B produces 33% of the UK workforce

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