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Share & secure confidential documents

Providing a secure corporate branded environment is the best way to handle sensitive data, ensuring your confidential documents stay on Island is a great step when delivering confidence for your clients. We have partnered with Safelink to offer a range of secure collaboration platforms, to help your business share sensitive information, subject to regulation without inadvertent or malicious data leaks.

Seamless secure collaboration

When sharing your data, it is vital that you understand the security configurations and that you control the access rights. Most mainstream file-sharing services have these configurations standardised across their platform. Our SaaS solution provides a secure Dropbox / OneDrive / WeTransfer alternative with enhanced security and governance capabilities on Island, while offering you the same ease of setup and accessibility without capital investment.

With flexible hosting in multiple datacentres, including both in Jersey and Guernsey you can ensure that you and your clients feel confident that your data residency is intact, no matter what.

Share documents securely.

Upload and share files securely with unlimited third parties, by invitation only and with fully configurable access permissions.

Transfer large files.

Send large documents or folders of any file type or size to both internal and external parties in a secure and encrypted environment.

Secure mail.

Send and receive secure mail messages.

Electronic signature.

Sign documents or request signatures on documents with our electronic signature feature.

Detailed activity reports.

Keep track of all access by users with detailed audit records of who accessed what and when.

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Easy collaboration

Our solution can receive, process and display all major file-types. Upload files as individual files or whole document structures, even large files exceeding 100GB with ease. We will automatically process all files on upload to make them fully searchable.

Annotate documents, drop a marker, highlight an area or freehand scribble directly onto the page. Control whether the note is for your eyes only, a select few or for everyone accessing the document.

Keep your team up to date with automated notifications. Create tasks and events on your team's calendar and make sure you are on the right page with built-in document version control.

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End to end encryption

Our secure platform enables you to work within encrypted workspaces where you retain your own encryption keys, producing the ultimate secure working environment.

We support multi-factor authentication, via hard-token, soft-token and SMS and single sign-on with ADFS, Azure AD and Okta. You can select authentication policies for each site or workspace and be confident that your users have been correctly identified.

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Granular file permissions and tripwires

Organise your files and folders and invite others into your workspace. Granular permission settings let you keep track of what everyone has done and you can access very detailed self-service audit reports. Set permissions to determine who can view, download, print etc. at an individual or group level for individual files or whole folders.

Our solution has built-in data loss prevention mechanisms for detecting and preventing breaches by rogue staff or other authorised users. Detailed and indelible audit records are available online to enable analysis.

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Data room administrators have access to an extensive range of reports, including the interactive audit report, showing popular pages, documents and folders, time spent on each one, further broken down by user group, and individual users. You can drill down into each of these groupings to learn more.

Make it yours

We recognise that every organisation has different needs and these can change at a moments notice. To help you with such challenges our Secure Collaboration platform can be extended in a multitude of ways, tailoring your workspace to fit your businesses requirements, both internally and externally.

We designed this to be a quick and painless process where we do the work and leave you to get on with impressing your clients with customised access and efficient service delivery.  From basic workflows to stylish microsites and knowledge portals, we can turn your vision of digital service delivery into something tangible and secure, quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Create automations using core features
    Automatically create folders, upload documents, build pdf bundles etc.
  • Generate documents
    Automatically generate documents from your templates with customisable content fields.
  • Email generation
    Construct and send emails ad hoc and from templates. Outbound emails being retained for future reference.
  • Tables / sheets
    Capture and interrogate data from internal and external user input through forms. Tables can be searched, interrogated and exported like spreadsheets.
  • Pages
    Customise pages with static and dynamic content and display them standalone or as part of workflows.
  • Forms
    Create custom dynamic forms that include conditional fields, attachment fields and fields that cross-reference other tables. They can also be generated automatically.
  • Workflows
    Build workflows that support multi-user interaction, sequentially or in parallel.
  • Automated reminders
    Users participating in workflows can be chased on a pre-defined schedule.
  • Task management
    Assign tasks for completion by internal or external users. This enables management of a list of tasks and allocation to specific users.
  • Approval requests
    Assign part of a process to other parties for approval.
  • Electronic signatures
    Digital signature requests can be actioned and executed within our data rooms and can be worked into workflows.
  • Home page customisation
    Choose a custom page design and layout as the homepage for a workspace
  • Date and holiday calculations
    Calculate dates automatically, possibly from data, with accounting for jurisdiction-specific holidays.
  • External service integrations
    We have native integrations, with CDD check, single-sign-on, digital signatures but we can also build custom integrations with your technology stack
  • Possibilities are endless...

The nature of customisations for your internal and external interactions is limited only by you and your clients’ imaginations. We are excited to innovate and enjoy leaping on the ideas that our customers present. Whether it’s something brand new or the re-purposing of work we’ve done for other projects, we love to be presented with a challenge and will work with you to deliver fast and elegant solutions to impress your teams and, above all, your clients. Get in touch to explore any digital innovation that you can think of to help streamline your process flows and automate time-consuming tasks.

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