Avoid non-compliance

Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been greater pressure for businesses to demonstrate that they are governed correctly, and are conducting business in a way that is seen as correct and fair.

Compliance has changed

Compliance can be much more than a defensive or reactive measure and can help organisations to demonstrate genuine competitive advantage. Unlock your competitive advantage with our regulatory technology.

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Collect and verify the right information

Intelligent automation mitigates gaps in KYC information 

Intelligent automation (IA) enables organisations to request, collect and verify the right information in real time, and can adjust to meet jurisdictional and regime differences. Vaiie applies IA to best in breed customer questionnaires, which have been designed to be FATF compliant and meet local regulations. They adapt to each unique application as information is provided, ensuring controllers are identified and onboarded in line with CDD/EDD requirements.

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Identify customers remotely

Identify customers without the need for physical presence

Organisations can now meet local regulatory requirements without the need for a customer to be physically present. Dramatically reduce onboarding time, cost and abandonment rate whilst increasing the detection of fake documents being provided.

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Subject intelligence you can trust

Automated eDiscovery enables instant collection of information

Single point data sources are widely considered ineffective at helping organisations identify customer threats and opportunities. Best in class artificial intelligence (AI) can search unstructured data across any language and provide filtered data that surpasses the quality humans can achieve. Vaiie works with the leading providers of subject intelligence to keep organisations fully aware of individual, sector and industry risks.

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Do more business without compromising

Policy enforcement to enhance quality assurance

When you use technology that adapts to your specific needs, you can pre-set when flags, alerts and gates open in accordance to your policies. This can transform the way your quality assurance (QA) team operates, enhancing the pass rate and achieving compliance every time.

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