Onboard customers remotely

When customers are not physically present for identification purposes, achieving fast, engaging, compliant and cost-effective onboarding can be a daily challenge.

Provide the ultimate onboarding experience

Vaiie equips regulated organisations with user-focused technology which makes the onboarding of individuals and entities more efficient.

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Collect and validate CDD

Adaptive forms & evidence for first-time CDD compliance

During the onboarding process, it's a struggle for employees and customers to efficiently capture and record the necessary information. Customer engagement plummets as additional requests for information and evidence keep on coming. Our customer questionnaires have intelligent automation, built upon FATF and local regulations which adapt to each application, making it easy to collect and verify the right CDD first-time.

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Identify customers remotely

Identify customers without the need for physical presence

Organisations can be compliant with global regulations without the need for a customer to be physically present. Our intelligent technology can drastically reduce onboarding time, cost and abandonment rate. It can also provide enhanced document analysis capabilities to reduce the risk of fake documents being accepted.

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