Reduce fraud

Fraud attacks against financial services organisations are increasing in volume and cleverness. Sophisticated regulatory technology can help detect these attempts early and reduce the risk of fraud and losses.

Regulatory technology can help you detect and prevent fraudulent activity

Picture of Benefit reduce fraud

Genuine address assurance

Provide greater assurance that a person is based where they claim they live

For years organisations attempting to verify a residential address have relied on documents such as a bank statement or utility bill. Vaiie now offers an alternative option which sets a new standard in address assurance. Organisations can replace or apply a layer on to their existing process to provide greater assurance that a person is based where they claim they live.

Picture of Benefit enhance security

Remote identity verification

Stop bad actors before they enter your system

Reduce fraud and identity theft with our real-time remote identity verification solution. Vaiie's sophisticated selfie and photo capture technology combined with automated multi-factor verification including liveness, spoof ID and machine-readable zone analysis, provides the assurance you know who you are dealing with.

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