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Louise Flynn.

Operations Manager

louise.flynn@vaiie.com +44 1534 616 722

As Operations Manager, I work closely with our Managing Director to lead the outputs of our digital studio. I work with the product and development teams to scope, plan and budget our products to ensure projects are delivered to the highest possible standard. I am responsible for overseeing multiple clients and projects from concept through to implementation.

Louise's strengths





Having been brought up in the hospitality environment, I am confident in my dealings with people in a varied range of situations. Consequently, I thrive on working within and leading, a team working in a busy and fast-paced environment. Having run my own family business, I value the ‘behind the scenes’ effort that takes place and get a great sense of satisfaction seeing well-deserved results arise from a collaborative team effort.

Life altering tech event

The mind-blowing entrance of the ‘world wide web’!

Most interesting read of the year

‘Becoming’ by Michele Obama. What a role model.

Myers Briggs type

The Provider EFSJ

Sensitive, energetic, helpful and sociable

Compassionate and empathetic

True extrovert and social butterfly

Generational leadership traits

Baby Bust Gen X


Social adaptability


Gen X produces 35% of the UK workforce

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