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Vaiie Onboard is a rapid, frictionless and fully compliant digital onboarding solution

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Empower your team, effectively manage risk, and  create an engaging online experience

Vaiie Onboard empowers your team to shorten the onboarding process and is packed with an intuitive workflow that meets the needs of businesses, customers, and regulatory bodies. Collecting evidence, verifying it remotely and signing contracts electronically is now an ultrafast experience.

Built with onboarding complexities in mind, Vaiie Onboard is multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual, and highly sophisticated. It is developed continuously in collaboration with industry experts to ensure you are on the front foot, no matter what challenges you face.

Exceptional Client Engagement Experience .

e-ID, AI & IA Due Diligence & e-sign Technology .

Deep Management Information .

The smarter way to onboard customers

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Reduce Risk

Enforce Global Compliance

With advanced contextual logic, Vaiie Onboard does the deep thinking for you, ensuring you collect the right information and evidence every time

Increase Efficiency

Maximise Operational Efficiency & Performance

With fast SaaS-like deployment, Vaiie Onboard provides high performance, data protection and security. With a continuous development cycle it will keep you at the forefront of onboarding technology

Manage Complexity

Manage High Complexity with Ease

Regardless of complexity that onboarding a structure or individual’s situation presents, Vaiie Onboard handles complexity with speed and ease

Multi-factor Evidence Verification.

Automated evidence verification technologies make acceptance ultrafast and include document authenticity, liveness, facial comparison, registered address checks, geolocation, and digital document certification

Automated Due Diligence Reports.

The world’s most trusted data sources are mined to generate reports instantly on countries, industries, and subjects to enable you to make better risk-based decisions

Assisted Collection of Information.

Request missing information and evidence, with multi-language client workflows that can be generated whenever you need

Secure Chat.

Dossier based chat offers your onboarding team a centralised and transparent area to communicate in without having to search in other places

Dossier Export & Management System Sync.

Bundle every piece of information and evidence collected into a PDF, or sync the data back to your management system

Electronic Signature.

Engagement letters and contracts can be signed instantly with an electronic signature on any device using remote, graphometric, advanced or qualified signatures

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